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Bagasse is a dry pulpy fiber that is the byproduct of cane sugar production. 

Sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juices, and what remains after the process is a pulp, that after being washed and dried can be made into a number of different products. 

And our bagasse container is just one of them.

There are three big benefits of using bagasse containers.

First: Its Production is Eco-Friendly.

Some might ask: isn't paper container Eco-friendly as well? No, because it takes up to ten years for trees to grow, and Sugar cane regenerates much faster than trees.


It’s Durable Bagasse is strong and lightweight!

Most importantly: 

It’s Annually Renewable. Unlike trees, sugar cans don't take several years to grow, it's an annually renewable resource. It can be restored and replenished by nature within one year!