5-comp Rectangular Microwavable PP Bento Box With Clear Lid

Model : TH-566

EASYPACK’s Hot Collection provides food grade microwavable plastic bento lunch boxes in a wide range of sizes to suit various applications.

Our new anti-fog technology on these clear lids helps minimize condensation formation, providing improved product visibility in cold food merchandising displays.


       Material: OPS

       Product Size: 250 x 187 x 17.5 mm

       Packing: 500 pcs/ctn

       Carton Size: 400 x 395 x 265 mm

       Feature: Eco-friendly, Recycling, High Durability, Crystal Clear, Good Locking, Anti-fog

       Place of Origin: Taiwan


       Item: TH-566

       Material: PP

       Shape: Rectangular

       Description: 5-comp

       Product Size: 264 x 200 x 37 mm

       Packing: 500 pcs/ctn

       Carton Size: 610 x 460 x 475 mm

       Feature: Eco-Friendly, High Durability, Food Grade, Microwavable, Stackable

       Usage: Food Packing, take away, to go, Super Market, Restaurant

       Place of Origin: Taiwan