9 inch square white biodegradable hinged food box

Model : SC-900



Pulp material :

Our pulp based are water and grease resistant. Ideal for catering and restaurant use.

Uncover lid design :

Opening and closing handle design. Easy to open and close.

Stacking stably :

The container base is designed to be easy to stack and not easy to slip off.

High durability :

Our design makes the structure stronger. It is ideal for the dinner table or for takeout.

Temperature range : -15~120 / 5~248

◇       Item: SC-900

◇       Material: White Pulp

◇       Shape: Square

◇      Closed Fold Product Size: 463 x 228 x H47.5 mm

◇      Open Fold Product Size: 228 x 228 x H76 mm

◇       Packing: 200 pcs/ctn

◇       Carton Size: 475 x 380 x 255 mm

◇       Feature: Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable, High Durability, Good Locking, Microwave Safe

◇       Usage: Food Packing, take away, to-go, Super Market, Food Delivery, Catering, Restaurant

◇       Place of Origin: Taiwan